Why Do People Sell Their Homes?

Corporate Relocation For A New Job

People relocating for a new job opportunity usually requires a very quick move and sometimes having to leave families behind in order to navigate the preparation and sale of the home alone. When this happens, you need an experienced Team of professionals to ease the overwhelming burden and deliver a sale on time to avoid double expenses.

Relocating With A House To Sell

When your boss says they need you in a new city by a certain date and that date is shorter than a comfortable sales cycle, it usually means leaving the family behind and searching for interim housing. This is where our full-service relocation department really shines by connecting you with a top Realtor experienced in relocation in the destination area.

It is very common to list, sell and close a house with one spouse in another city. All the paperwork is done by DocuSign and the closing package is sent by express mail. This divide-and-conquer living arrangement requires tremendous focus. The employer expects the employee to bring their A-game, desiring instant productivity, and the remaining spouse carries all the household and family responsibility on single shoulders. What they both want and need most is a quick sale but, at a good price, because relocation is expensive and housing could be a higher cost in the new area.

Most corporate relocation happens very fast which causes more stress. Very few employers offer a full relocation package or a home buyout program anymore. In the 70's and 80's it was common for employers to relocate employees and pay for all associated costs for the sale, purchase of a new home, moving, packing costs, and buy the house too, if it did not sell within the time period allowed. In this type of corporate relocation, a lot of stress of moving and unknown financial cost were removed by the employer.

Today, many employers offer a lump sum bonus or incentives for a valued employee to relocate. Within the dollar amount given, the employee will have to budget the physical move, cost for selling, buying a new home, and interim housing such as extended stay hotels or a furnished apartment, and meals. Double expenses can place a big strain on the family fast, so you will need a real estate team to help prepare the house quickly, get it listed for sale, marketed aggressively, sold and closed in a reasonable amount of time.

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