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Buy or Sell with Linda Craft & Team and Use This Truck to Move In The Greater Raleigh Area!

Moving Truck

Imagine how... would feel if your moving company lost your family photos or broke your most valuable posessions? Why don't you play it safe and use our FREE moving truck to gently move the things that mean the most to you. No mover will give your prized possessions the careful love and attention you would.

The benefits of our truck

Flexible Use

You may also use our truck to clear out clutter or to help your favorite charity. Call 919-235-0007 to check availability.


Our new 15-foot moving truck has a pull-out ramp for easy loading and a hand truck. We offer the use of this truck to all our clients, charities and any buyer who purchases one of our Team's listings.

Client Exclusive

Exclusive to our clients we offer free use before, during and after the sale. The next time you make a large-item purchase (i.e. big screen TV, piano) save those delivery charges.

In order for you to complete the check out process you will need to bring the following items when you pick up the truck:


Valid Driver's License


Valid Insurance Card


Credit Card

*We keep on file for damages over normal wear and tear and trucks returned without a full tank of gas.

The trucks are available for 24 hour check out periods only. They cannot be scheduled for two consecutive days. The check out periods run from 9 am to 9 am the next morning.

To reserve for your local move, clients & charities call now 919-235-0007

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