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Dreaming of building a new home in one of the beautiful communities in the Triangle? The area is bursting with new development, from custom built homes to stunning live-work-play neighborhoods! There are so many reasons to choose a new home; so take some time to explore all your options for both luxurious and affordable living you'll find here in the Greater Raleigh area.

Why Choose a Newly Built Home?

There are a number of reasons why buyers choose new construction homes. You might like the modern designs and open floor plans commonly found in new construction homes, or perhaps all the technologies and energy-efficient components are drawing you in. Many home buyers like the idea of builder-backed warranties and the shiny-new never-been-used feel of everything. Plus, with many of these homes still being built, depending on the neighborhood, you might even have the option to customize your own floor plan or add additional options and upgrades, so you can create the home of your dreams without having to build from scratch.

Considering a New Home Home in the Triangle?

Linda Craft & Team are new home experts! For over 30 years, we have partnered with developers and top local custom builders in the Greater Raleigh area in order to meet our clients' design needs, homesite requirements and deliver a dream home all within their budget.

Who Has Your Best Interests at Heart
When Buying New Homes?

The Buyer's Agent vs. The Seller's Agent

If you’re searching for a new home in the Greater Raleigh area, you might have wondered if you need a buyer agent to represent you. After all the Builder’s Agent in the model homes are very nice. If you think you want to go it alone, here’s what could happen:

Let’s say you decide to check out a model house in a Raleigh community with newly constructed homes. Of course, model homes are going to look amazing; they'll be clean and beautifully staged. They’re set up that way to get your attention and capture your emotions. Sometimes the builder’s representative offers you a bottle of water or a soda, and music is often played in the background to put you at ease.

The agent who represents the builder will walk you through the model home, showing you all the updated features. He or she will provide you with positive information concerning this particular Triangle community. You’ll also find out all about the builder, including future plans and reputation, and, most importantly, information about the cost of the home and what you will save if you use the builders mortgage company too.

If you’re convinced that this is the right place for you and decide to make a move on it, things might not go as smoothly as you think.

In these scenarios, the agent who represents the builder is obviously going to put the builder interest before you. They have no fiduciary duties to advise or protect you. They will not mention that the cost of your home will not increase if you decided to have an Exclusive Buyer Agent represent you. Before you look at the model home, they will casually ask you to sign a North Carolina Working With Real Estate Agent Brochure disclosing that they represent the seller, as your focus is on viewing the drop dead gorgeous model home. He or she will eagerly assist you with filling out the builders Offer to Purchase and Contract, while playing down the language in the contract that does not protect you. Such as inspection rights, type of deed, environmental exceptions. Once you’re under contract, there’s no going back unless you forfeit your non-refundable builder deposit.

As you go through the contract, the agent will strongly suggest you buy extra things – upgrades or extra add on that only make the price soar higher. When an Exclusive Buyers Agent is with you at contract they will tell you what will add value to your home on the re-sale or what you could do for less money after closing. They would also negotiate to get upgrades for free and to change language in the contract that could place you in harm’s way. Often you do not save money using the builder’s mortgage company and your exclusive representative will help you find the greatest value.

And if you think you’re going to get the same attention from the builder’s agent during your walk through or closing, you’re in for a surprise. You’ll be facing the walk through alone with the builder’s construction manager and the closing table alone with the builder’s attorney. A time when representation is vital you will be on your own again if you do not choose to have an Exclusive Buyers Agent represent you.

Don’t let your Raleigh area home search end like this. If you want someone who will represent your interests, at no additional cost to you, be sure to contact us.

New Construction Tips

Who Represents Who in the Triangle Real Estate Market

When purchasing a new Raleigh area home, it can be very confusing figuring out who really has your best interest at heart.

In a typical real estate transaction there is a buyer and a seller.  The buyer has their own real estate agent and the seller has their own real estate agent.

According to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, which establishes the rules and laws that every real estate agent is supposed to follow, each agent is to fully represent their own party and protect their best interests whether that be negotiating, conducting research, or understanding the contract they are about to sign.

In a new home situation, this does not always occur. And typically, those involved do not have your best interests as a Raleigh area home buyer in mind.

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