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Successful Home Marketing in the Digital Age

When is the last time you looked for a new home in a newspaper or magazine ad? How about your desktop computer? Since becoming an integral part of everyday life, mobile devices now account for 77% of all home viewings and have permanently changed the way real estate marketing operates.

Why Home Staging is Crucial

On-the-go technology has given the average home buyer access to more information regarding the history and value of a property than ever before, but has also created a new type of filtering system with home portraits. In addition, the size and contents of a home portrait play a large role in consumer satisfaction.

On Small Images, Décor Looks Like Clutter

On mobile phones all images are small. Any kind of décor other than what is absolutely necessary appears cluttered in a reduced frame and deters potential buyers from the property.

The image below shows the same kitchen in a Raleigh listing that is decorated (on the left) and that is not decorated (on the right). The image on the left appears cluttered in the small image on this phone. 

mobile phone comparing cluttered kitchen with decluttered kitchen on a raleigh listing

In short, a professionally staged and well-lit home portrait is more desirable and will be clicked on more readily than a dark and amateurish portrait. Even if the latter is more economically sound.

Today’s busy tech savvy buyer will delete properties in an instant based on how they feel about the portrait they are viewing on their mobile device.

Choose Linda Craft & Team to Market Your Raleigh Home

Online home listings need to attract viewers — so decluttering has been taken to an all new level, because technology is increasingly faster and smaller.

At Linda Craft & Team, we offer professional home staging, professional photography and advanced techniques to capture today’s digital consumer for all of our home sellers. Our expertise in online marketing is one of the key reasons we are the number one real estate team in the Triangle for selling occupied homes.

Contact us today and let's talk about how we can market your home. 

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