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Sellable Home Score

Location: 9.1

Competition: 7.4

Comparative Price: 8.7

Desirability: 8.4


Sellable Home Score

Location: 8.2

Competition: 8.8

Comparative Price: 9.3

Desirability: 8.7


Sellable Home Score

Location: 7.1

Competition: 8.3

Comparative Price: 6.2

Desirability: 7.3

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How We Calculate Your Sellable Home Score

Our Sellable Home Score analyzes the four key factors of a quick home sale. Each factor receives a numerical ranking between 1 and 10, and all four rankings are used to determine an overall score. The higher your Sellable Home Score, the faster your property will sell in the current market. Find out what factors we use to calculate your Sellable Home Score and what your score indicates about how fast your property will sell.

Factors That Influence Your Score


Your property's proximity to local amenities, public and private schools, top employers, major highways, and public transit contributes heavily to how fast it will sell.


Are properties like yours in high demand? Is inventory limited in your neighborhood or area? The higher the ranking, the better your property will fare against the competition.

Comparative Price

Does the fair market value of your property match your desired asking price? If so, it will garner more interest from potential buyers, which will ultimately lead to a faster sale.


Your property's desirability is based on an algorithm that takes into account an exhaustive list of considerations. This ranking translates to how valuable potential buyers perceive your property.

Sellable Home Score Range

Based on the four factors outlined above, we will provide you with a numerical score between 1 and 10, which is your property's Sellable Home Score. Check the Sellable Home Score range below to determine when your property will sell.

  • 8.9-10


    Your property is the next hot listing! Don't waste time debating whether or not to sell; contact us today to put your home on the market.

  • 6.9-8.8


    Now is your golden window of opportunity. Contact us today and we will do what's necessary to sell your home as fast and as high as possible.

  • 3.9-6.8


    In its current condition, your property will take a long time to sell. Contact us and we can recommend ways to increase your home's score.

  • 1-3.8


    Unless we make major adjustments to your property, it's best to wait to list your home. Contact us and we can reevaluate your Sellable Home Score.

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By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Linda Craft Team Realtors permission to contact you via email or phone.

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