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WOW - I wish I could give them 10 stars. We recently sold a home - Andrew Truesdale was spectacular getting us an offer on our home that was exactly on point to the wishes we had discussed with him. His team was always responsive and, answered all of our questions and reviewed every step of the process in detail. Our closing manager Angela was excellent on the day of closing keeping us informed and making us feel very secure in the process. Great service - smooth closing - exactly the price we needed!

- Rae Boney

Alex was referred to us by our good friend John Kuhlman, who is also a Realtor. We didn't know much about the team when we first reached out to Alex. After working with Alex and the team, we will always recommend them to everyone we meet. We are so impressed by our experience! Alex was an incredible agent and we feel so thankful that he was able to help us. He explained the home buying process to us very clearly, he answered all of our questions, he bent over backwards for all of our requests. He's a hard worker! I will recommend Alex to all of my friends. 

- Meredith Stull

Nogi was super helpful and patient. He explained the process very clearly. He was eager and willing to help with all of my requests and questions. He made the closing process so smooth. He is a rockstar!

- Happy Home Owner

Two years ago we began to pursue the idea of a move to North Carolina from Southern Utah.  Several of our family friends, who live in the Raleigh area recommended Kim Crump of The Linda Craft Company. They told us Kim was the BEST!  And they were RIGHT!

 We decided early on that we wanted to build a home.  Finding a lot and a builder would be the challenge for us. We did not know the land or who we should use as a builder. We flew out several times to Raleigh. We found some lots on our own that we thought would be good to build on. Kim pointed out items that she felt we needed to consider before we committed to buying that particular property.

We appreciate so much that she brought these to our attention, because ultimately we did not purchase any of those properties. The lot we eventually built our home on was found by Kim.  She showed it to us on video chat.  She felt it would be perfect for what we wanted to do. She was RIGHT!

During the construction of our home, Kim was there every step of the way and followed up with any issue we had during the building process. We HIGHLY recommend Kim Crump to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  She is professional, and will take a personal interest in your journey.  

Thank you Kim.

- Britt and Laura Nichols

Thank you so much! Tricia and I really appreciate your help and expertise. We look forward to referring our friends and working with you in the future. The move went well, thank you for letting us use the truck! We are looking forward to settling in and we will keep in touch. 

- Jacob and Tricia Hyer

We worked with Tony Fink to help us relocate. We moved from Utah to NC, and Tony was with us through the entire thing. He even managed to connect me to the buyer of my old home in Utah (from NC!!!). We built new and couldn't be present for any inspections or walk throughs, and Tony stood in our place to help us. He truly went above and beyond for the entire year of working with us. We would HIGHLY recommend him.

- Kristi Huber

The team at Linda Craft made our first time home buying experience a great one. Tony our agent, was helpful every step of the way, guiding us through the challenges of finding, purchasing a home. When we had questions, and we had many, Tony gave us advice and provided insight into the housing market. Linda Craft accommodated us when we asked to move a fridge in early since we were coming from an apartment and Tony was there in the rain to help us make sure we had all we needed. I think the average response time to our emails/text was around ten minutes. We also greatly appreciated the free truck service offered by Linda Craft, and spent around 50 dollars in moving total thanks to that perk! The Linda Craft team have streamlined the process so the only thing we had to do for submitting offers was to tell Tony and digitally sign on our phones. We used their recommended third parties for inspection, mortgage, and closing and we are happy we did. Linda Craft team offered speed and professionalism without being pushy. We would certainly recommend Tony and the rest of the Linda Craft team for your home buying experience.

- Coley Angel

Steve, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that our paths crossed! I do not know who/what told me to reach out to Linda Craft Realty but I’m sure glad you were the person that responded! Your patience, kindness, knowledge and understanding got me through to the end. 


I know I worried you with questions and/or concerns but you always took the time to explain each and everything to me and I am grateful. You encouraged me when I had doubts - the thoughts of me selling that house for what we sold it for still amazes me - you said it would happen!!! 


I really appreciate you and everything you did for me and I certainly know where to send folks if they get ready to sell.


Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart!

- Glenda Weave

Kim just helped us get through a stressful long distance home search and purchase, and she was great to work with. The Wake County market is so hot right now, everything we really liked went to multiple offers on the first day --both rentals and sales. A house I had noticed on "Coming Soon" hit the market late on a Friday, I texted Kim, she took us on a video tour at 9am the next morning, and by 4pm we had won a 3 way bidding competition. If she hadn't been super responsive, we would have missed it. We wouldn't have had the confidence to buy a house we had never set foot in if Kim hadn't already steered us away fro other properties due to things we could not see long distance and her knowledge of the market and real estate. When we came down for the home inspection, the house was as perfect for us as she described. Thanks to her, we were able to find the perfect house in 1 month searching long distance and get moved in before school starts. Thanks Kim!

- Gary Steele

We just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and patience with helping us find our dream home. We love our house so much and are actually gad we did not get that one on Happer Street. If you are ever in the area please feel free to stop by for a beer!

Thank you!

- Danielle & Darian

I am writing to share with you that my close friend, Sheryl Ayeni, signed closing papers this morning on a house in Wake Forest.  I also want to share how grateful I am for the professional, caring, and committed attention she received from Sydney Frazier. 


Sheryl was transferred to Washington D.C. nearly two years ago.  While she accepted the transfer to enhance her income and career opportunities, she hoped from the outset to return to the Triangle.  For the whole of her time in Washington, she continually received real estate updates from Sydney.  I would speak with Sheryl at least monthly and invariably heard about the latest communication from “the Linda Craft agent”.  Only upon Sheryl’s return did I learn the communication had been one-way; she did not respond at any time to Sydney’s outreach.  Once Sheryl received word she would transfer back to our area, however, she made clear that she wanted to purchase a house and would only work with Sydney.   


I am immensely impressed how tenacious Sydney was in forwarding updates, even in the absence of encouragement or expressed appreciation.  But all the while, she was winning Sheryl’s loyalty.  Because of the way she treated my friend, she won my loyalty, as well.  Just as you and your organization are a credit to your industry, Sydney Frazier is a credit to you.  She thinks with the minds of her clients and sees with the eyes of her clients.  She is an amazing person working for an amazing company! 



Jim Bankston      

- Jim Bankston

Thank you so much for helping us buy our first home! We feel so blessed to have you guide us every step of this process and wouldn't have trusted many people to find the perfect place for us! Caleb is so excited to play in his new back yard. Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true! Our family is endlessly grateful.
Mayumi, Chris and Caleb

- Mayumi Fronczak

This was our second transaction with Linda Craft in 3 months. Andrew and Angela were amazing. We had a few issues that arose on our second transaction. Andrew, Angela and their team shined and helped resolve these issues in a timely fashion. They can always be reached for questions. I will sum it up Professionalism, Integrity, and Knowledgeable. They really have a well oiled machine at Linda Crafts agency. Thanks again!!

- Damon Evans

The team at Linda Craft made our first time home buying experience a great one. Tony our agent, was helpful every step of the way, guiding us through the challenges of finding, purchasing a home. When we had questions, and we had many, Tony gave us advice and provided insight into the housing market. Linda Craft accommodated us when we asked to move a fridge in early since we were coming from an apartment and Tony was there in the rain to help us make sure we had all we needed. I think the average response time to our emails/text was around ten minutes. We also greatly appreciated the free truck service offered by Linda Craft, and spent around 50 dollars in moving total thanks to that perk! The Linda Craft team have streamlined the process so the only thing we had to do for submitting offers was to tell Tony and digitally sign on our phones. We used their recommended third parties for inspection, mortgage, and closing and we are happy we did. Linda Craft team offered speed and professionalism without being pushy. We would certainly recommend Tony and the rest of the Linda Craft team for your home buying experience. 

- Coley Angel

The team at Linda Craft made our first time home buying experience a great one. Tony our agent, was helpful every step of the way, guiding us through the challenges of finding, purchasing a home. When we had questions, and we had many, Tony gave us advice and provided insight into the housing market. Linda Craft accommodated us when we asked to move a fridge in early since we were coming from an apartment and Tony was there in the rain to help us make sure we had all we needed. I think the average response time to our emails/text was around ten minutes. We also greatly appreciated the free truck service offered by Linda Craft, and spent around 50 dollars in moving total thanks to that perk!

The Linda Craft team have streamlined the process so the only thing we had to do for submitting offers was to tell Tony and digitally sign on our phones. We used their recommended third parties for inspection, mortgage, and closing and we are happy we did. Linda Craft team offered speed and professionalism without being pushy. We would certainly recommend Tony and the rest of the Linda Craft team for your home buying experience.

- Coley Angel

We had an excellent experience working with Muriel. We heard of Linda Craft through my dad and step mom, who used Linda Craft and were very happy with them. I just wanted to say Muriel did an exceptional job finding me a house. I'm VERY happy with the entire experience!  I tell everyone about Linda craft and team. 

- John Ahlman

We worked with Tony Fink on a recommendation from a friend and we were very pleased.  Tony was transparent, honest, a clear communicator, reasonable, practical, and responsive.

- Satish Mathan

We especially want to thank you and your team for all the hard work you put into assisting us on finding our dream home!  There were many last minute calls, texts, and emails that surfaced throughout this adventure.  You all worked long days and you even took time while you were at the beach to assist us!  

We are so grateful to have worked with you and your team.  You kept a positive and harmonious attitude throughout the whole process from searching for listings and ALL of the showings! Once you learned what we were actually looking for (due to our changing minds), things started to unfold. The process up to the closing was a bit  sketchy at times due to the sellers, but we made it because of you! Thank You!  

We have been busy unpacking, organizing, and buying accessories to decorate  our new home.   We are very excited!  Things are actually now starting to come together  and it is starting to feel like home!

We sincerely appreciate all of the hard work and long hours you and your staff put into this adventure for us!

Stay tuned on the wine invite!!!




- Jimmy and Bonnie

It was our first new build as a couple so didn't know what to expect on the buyer side. We were used to the agent doing everything so it was the first experience working with multiple people throughout the process.

There was less contact with the agent initially with new construction than probably if the purchase was a resale. Andrew was at every walk through and familiarized himself with the pre-dry wall and final inspection reports and was excellent at asking questions to the sales rep and site superintendent and communicating with us.

This is an excellent service to your clients and was incredibly helpful. Thank you.

- The Andrews

Tony was an excellent agent. Not only was he friendly and engaging, but he took time to answer all my questions, which I had plenty of as a first-time buyer. The relationship truly felt collaborative and he got me to consider things I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. He was also realistic with me about expectations for the home, the builder, and the value of my home, and gave me great insight not just into the buying process but also what to expect out of life as a homeowner. Also thanks for the chocolate bar! The entire experience overall was overwhelmingly positive.

- Jon Martin

I cannot think of a single element of Steve's performance that could use improvement. Listing agents from other companies would do well to model themselves after him.

Brenda did an amazing job of photographing the house! There were twenty-five showings and six offers in two days. I am persuaded such success was attributable, in large measure, to her online presentation of the house. Nogui did a superb job of making me feel he was my advocate in the process. There seemed to be nothing that escaped his attention as he worked to ensure my interests were properly served.

I have praised your organization so much that my words might ring hollow. But please be assured my praise must be earned; it is not merely given. You have earned it again and again. Any client can take your professionalism and commitment for granted. Why? Because you never take your clients for granted.

- Jim Bankston

No joke, this is the best real estate team I've worked with ever (and we have bought and sold MANY homes).
Top notch systems in place, and top notch service. I couldn't give a higher recommendation.

- L.L.

We just want to let you know what a great job our realtor, Andrew Truesdale, and closing manager, Angela Hawley, did during our recent home purchase. Both were proactive, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. They worked hard to answer our questions and were prompt and thorough with every request. Two first class professionals!

They’ve made themselves our “realtors for life”.

- Mike and Gail S.

 Dwayne Reece and his team at Linda Craft realtors were absolutely amazing when seeking my home in Wake Forest. Everything that they promised, they delivered on, never missing the mark. My house sold so quickly and the Closing Manager "Nogi" was perfect! I would recommend anyone in the Raleigh market to utilize Linda Craft. 

- Andrew Burt

Thank you and your Team for a wonderful job you did throughout the various phases of selling our house. I have learned a great lesson from working with you that persistent follow up and engagement with potential clients leads to successful result. Thanks to you and Angela’s great efforts, Yolanda and I can now sit under the Florida sun and do nothing.

- Manny Tesfaye

Tony Fink is one of the best realtors we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. From start to finish it was a terrific buying experience and we’ll be referring everyone that we come across buying or selling to get in touch with Tony. He’s amazing! Thanks Tony for helping us find the perfect home.

- Molly Fagan

Excellent service from beginning to end. I would recommend this group of people to anyone who wanted to buy or sell a house. Professional, caring people.

- Joan Buetikofer P.

I want to start this off saying that Dwayne is a rockstar! We unfortunately had a nightmare of an experience purchasing a house due to unforeseen issues. If it weren't for Dwayne's constant communication and for him doing everything in his power to get us into this house I probably would have lost my mind. He was always happy to answer my many questions and always there to listen to any concerns that I had and provide advice. Nogui was also a big help in our process of getting into this house. The Linda Craft team is great!

- Lauren Pagan

Andrew was amazing! He was available to discuss any concerns we had, walked us through what to expect at each turn and was thee to help negotiate with the builder as we went through the process of building a house in a neighborhood. We cannot express our gratitude for Andrew and the entire team (Brenda for the listing and pictures of the old house and Jennifer for the closing and handling the details).

We could not be happier. We listed our old home with the Team and from beginning to end, the process was as painless as possible. Every person we came into contact with on the Linda Craft Team was helpful, honest, and worked hard to get the old house sold for top dollar and helped get us into our new house. We felt reassured that things would run smoothly, and they did! I definitely have already recommended Linda Craft and Team, particularly Andrew, for friends and family.

I was aware we could use the truck the one time, but not that we could use it in the future, nor was I aware of the notary services!

- Amanda Lockhart

Michael was an amazing agent – so helpful. My husband and I did not know the area at all and Michael really added so much value to us picking the right place to live. Literally 5 stars across the board – no issues whatsoever. We would love to work with Michael again!

- Stacey Schmidt

I just wanted to tell everyone thank you and we appreciate everyone’s hard work. I never thought it to be possible to own and much less have a whole team of people helping me achieve home ownership. Yet, here I am. My wife and I are over the moon with anticipation of having our own home. From the bottom of our hearts thank you and I appreciate what you are doing for me and my family.

- Tez “Adam” Monahan

When we were starting to look into buying a home in the Raleigh area, Alex was recommended by a mutual friend and we could not be more pleased! Alex is so gung ho and ready to work for you from start to finish! Always eager to get out to see more houses with you as they become available and very accommodating with schedule- day, night, weekend, rain or shine! We always felt well informed through every step of the process. Alex is certainly the guy you want on your team from the house hunting to inspections to negotiations- he is in it to win it for you! We won’t hesitate to contact Alex again ourselves or refer any friends or family in need of real estate services!

- Tara

I made the decision to list my home with Linda Craft and Team Realtors after doing extensive research and finding they were a highly rated realtor.

The entire team operates with complete competence and professionalism every step of the way.

I walked in, unannounced, and Steve Kruger took the time to unhurriedly walk me through every step I needed to take. His initial input was comprehensive and proved to be on the mark. His knowledge of the market is invaluable. Guidance in prepping the home for sales was, again, comprehensive and on time from the staging person to the photography.

The home went live on a Friday at 3:15. By Sunday evening I had eight offers. Steve guided me through the ins and outs of each offer as some had some singular odd effects I would never have known about.

Once I accepted the best offer, then you, Jennifer, took over and guided me through every step. Again and again, everything was laid out crystal clear and easily understood. Right up through closing.

Each step of the way was done professionally, thoroughly with no detail left in doubt.

- John Leicht

- Fred

From sales to financing they helped me every step of the way. Steve was very professional, his advice and opinions are honest and true. Because I was so far away he was my eyes and ears. Thank you Steve!

- Thanh Nguyen

It has been almost 21 years since you sold us our home and everything has been just as you said it would! Thank you, again for the wonderful pies over the years.

- Susan & John Linscott

Thanks a million Jennifer, I am so grateful and I will tell everyone that I come across about the excellent and amazing peace of mind you gave me and I am sure you do this for everyone that you come across. Blessings from God to you and everyone that made this journey a smooth one for me and my children. 

- Flora Ogunrinde

As mentioned to you when we met, you are a shining star and exceptional at what you do. The Linda Craft Team is lucky to have someone with your experience, organization, and drive. You make Andrew’s job look easy! Thank you again for all you have done!

- Mark Harvill (to Jennifer)

Thank you for all your help & direction in our journey from listing our home to selling our home to closing to moving to a temporary apartment. You and your team are beyond wonderful. We moved through each step of the way seamlessly and someone was always available to answer all our questions.

Thank you also for directing us to HomeSuiteHome for our temporary apartment. The staff has been extremely helpful and found a perfect apartment four us until our permanent move to PA.

Again, thank you for everything. I will forever recommend you to all our Raleigh friends.

- Jill Swartz (to Steve)

My experience with Linda Craft & Team was excellent both times. Andrew Truesdale was my Real Estate Expert. I highly recommend him because he’s professional, educated, and he cares. He guided me through the buying and selling process. Thank you Andrew, Jennifer, and Linda Craft & Team. I look forward to working with Andrew and his team again.

- Ryan M

On the selling side Andrew recommended selling price was significantly higher than Marti Hampton’s. Marti suggested 285, your agency suggested 325. We offered the property at 330 only to see a higher offer and have accepted 340. On the buying side, we found a home that met our expectations and the buyer accepted an offer well under the appraisal. I must admit to being a little concerned as your agents seemed to specialize in one area. Buying, Selling, Closing. After the fact, I have to admit this worked out exceptionally well.

- Dennis Solomon

Nogui is terrific in every way…..knowledgeable….hardworking and most of all will go the extra mile for his clients. He is truly an asset to your company!!

- Julie Wong

I can’t think of a thing to improve. Andrew was outstanding. I have already recommended him to two other people.

- Sandi King

Dear Linda,

Thank you for coordinating the Tuesday, June 26, 2018 blood drive. We were very pleased with the drive overall, and the willingness of the donors to share this life saving gift.

The efforts of Craft Residential and Craft Commercial have always been greatly appreciated and their support of the community blood program will go a long way toward replenishing blood supplies and ultimately saving lives.

In addition, we very much appreciate your efforts during this crucial time. You may be interested to know that 37 donors registered, 3 donors were deferred and 35 units were collected! We also registered 11 first time donors!

Again, thank you for your contribution and ongoing support of this important community program. I look forward to working with you again on an upcoming blood drive.

Sincerely, Mike Taylor Account Manager

- American Red Cross

This is my second time working with Andrew in the last 3 years and both were GREAT experiences.

- Graham Howell

On March 16 we closed on our new home. Buying a home is never easy, no matter how helpful or transparent each party is. It is stressful and emotional. Our house-buying experience was no different, however, from the beginning Dwayne was available and incredibly honest. He walked us through each step and advocated for us when we hit some bumps. In a seller’s market, we honestly believe Nogui and Dwayne got us the best deal possible. We felt like they shared our joys and frustrations for four straight weeks. Even afterwards, when all the papers were signed and now that we’ve been in the house for nearly one month, Dwayne is still answering our text messages and helping us get answers from the previous homeowner. He also kept in contact with us while we were going through some health issues and checked in with us often.

Having the moving van available to us was very helpful and convenient. Overall, we would definitely recommend your team to any future home buyers. And to think—we were signed up with a different realtor in the beginning and if it hadn’t been for Linda riding on the dunes at the beach and receiving a summons, we would have never met you all!

Thanks again for all you have done for us and we hope to work with you in the future.

- LeAnn Swanson

Your team was excellent in so many ways. Your listing manager was always in touch quickly, your staff was informative and answered my questions and although I've located out of North Carolina, I would recommend you to anyone in an instant!

- Pat S.

We thank you and your team in guiding us through this exciting adventure as we fulfill our life long dream.

- DeAnna and Barbara Kennedy

We moved to Cary a year ago and we still love our home as much as the first day you showed it to us on FaceTime. Your professionalism and tenacity guided us through the process and the stressful closing with an overseas seller. Your expertise on NC versus our other five moves was invaluable. The laundry chute and piping for a central vacuum were a wonderful surprise. The playroom on the opposite side of the house from my home office is a lifesaver. It is the perfect house for entertaining and we enjoy having family and friends over weekly. Thank you for helping us find our forever home in Lochmere!

We shared your contact information with several potential homeowners recently and we hope it generates additional clients for your and the dynamite Linda Craft Team.

- Beth Zervas

- Tony F.
- Sandra
- Gloria

We just want to let you know what a great job our realtor, Andrew Truesdale, and closing manager, Angela Hawley, did during our recent home purchase. Both were proactive, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. They worked hard to answer our questions and were prompt and thorough with every request. Two first class professionals!

They’ve made themselves our “realtors for life”.

- Mike and Gail S.
- Adam

"Working with Linda Craft and her associates was one of the easiest and most pleasant experiences I've had."

- Audrey Bailey

"I have a lot of friends that are real estate agents, and they're all begging me to list my house, and I said no, I'm using Linda!"

- Scott Trachtenberg

Dwayne did an amazing job. His skill and timing at the crucial moment allowed us to get the house we really wanted. Due to his negotiating skills, we were able to settle on a price that was below our original offer!

Nogui was wonderful to work with. He took care of so much behind the scenes stuff…it was amazing.

- Jeff Brown

Thank you for lunch the other day. It was generous of you to share the time and your wealth of knowledge about marketing and growing a business in this world of social media. And, of course, I greatly appreciate your introduction to a new colleague and the TLPL. Thanks for caring and doing what you can do to help people get through the difficult transition of divorce as smooth as possible. Warm regards, Kerry

- Kerry Burleigh

Dear Linda Craft,

Thank you for being a Champion for Children!

Oh what a night! My heart is still full with the outpouring of support through SAFEchild’s Champions for Children gala. I was very grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible Champions – from our amazing Olympic Gold Medalist, Kayla Harrison, to YOU our amazing SAFEchild friend. Your donation helped us raise over $43,000 in auction funds alone!

A champion is defined as a person of extreme courage and awesomeness, a person who fights for a cause on behalf of someone else. YOUR COMPANY is that champion! Your gift helps fight and advocate for the children and families of Wake County equipping them with the tools to provide nurturing and supportive environments. As a SAFEchild Champion your gift provides parenting skills, access to our Children’s Advocacy Center for children where abuse or neglect is suspected, as well as empowerment for children to protect themselves through Funny Tummy Feelings.

Thank you for celebrating and supporting SAFEchild through your gift. You deserve a GOLD medal!

Sincerely, Anna Jackson

- SAFEchild

Thank you for the leadership and compassion you are showing to my friend during her divorce. I truly appreciate your commonsense yet positive approach. This program will be successful because of you and your truly generous heart. You are wonderful and I am grateful to be working with you.

- Beth from PNC

We were in search of a relocation specialist in RTP and found Linda Craft & Team through a web search. We were fortunate to be connected with Andrew Truesdale at the agency, who from the moment we called to the time we closed on our new home (and now even months after) has been the epitome of customer service.  Andrew and the team have invested a great amount of time and energy to ensure we have been pleased each step of the way.  And having bought and sold many properties through the years, we can say that Linda Craft & Team is the best agency we have worked with, and specifically, Andrew Truesdale is by far the most fair, honest, and accommodating agent we have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Thank you!

- Mark and Ellie Harvill

 You made us feel like our needs were important throughout our very dramatic transition!  Thank you for allowing us to use the moving truck during a "crisis" even though we had not even purchased anything yet. We have already recommended you to friends and family!

- Jeanne and Jeff

I knew I picked the right person to sell our house and I will certainly recommend your services to others!

- Laura and Kyle Stephenson
So, when I told Muriel Bijeau I wanted an old house - she had no idea what kind of road she was in for with me. What I meant was little interuption to the orignal structure, no vents in the flooring, a good sound foundation, and that old warm feeling to a house that existed 100 years ago....oh boy was she in for a treat!! We went to see 4 houses in Oxford, NC and the 4th was the house and immediately she was as emotionally attached as I was. She wanted us to have the house as much as we wanted it and from there the journey began. Through all the bumps of buying an old structure and the pleasure of signing the paperwork Muriel was by our side and consulted with us at each level no matter how challenging it became. She has been the best buyer specialist for us and we look forward to utilizing the Linda Craft team to list our North Raleigh house as soon as we empty it and clean it up
Thanks Muriel for your passion and dedication, we could not have done this without you and your love for helping people get exactly what they want!

- Dana Michelle Way

Linda, once again you have proven that you surround yourself with quality people. Eric Smith at Towne Bank was very impressive and knowledgeable. He made our process very easy and we have our pre-approval  notification in hand. Thank you for the referral! Also, Andrew Truesdale got us all settled into the in's and out's of the buying process. We left knowing that we have GREAT representation as we move through our process!

- Joe G.

I found you guys seven years ago when moving from California. I found your site on a Google search and you were the only agency to contact me back! We bought our first home through you, and now sold that home through you. We've used you exclusively since moving to NC. We have recommended LCT to everyone we know that needs an agent. You do an excellent job and we highly recommend you.

- Angie K.

Thanks for helping me with my home! I appreciate you setting up the inspections and pest control appointments for me during the transaction. I will always remember how responsive your team was.

- Bill G.

Your organization lived up to my expectations and then some! Your closing manager was outstanding to work with, she kept me informed and explained the closing process. 

- Isaac B.

This note is sent with heartfelt thanks to you for your generosity in supplying water for my National Night Out Celebration last Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at Harrington Pointe. When you heard about our event you did not hesitate to offer. The residents were asking if you donated the water and I told them you did and that you do a tremendous amount of giving back to the community. Most of them were unaware of your kindness. I was glad to let them know. So thanks again from the residents of Harrington Pointe and the first responders that attended our event. You kept us hydrated on a very humid night. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Muriel for bringing the National Night Out Celebration to Linda’s attention.

JR Thompson, Community Watch Chairman of Harrington Pointe

- Community Watch of Harrington Pointe

We found you by seeing your Real Estate signs everywhere around town! We wanted to choose a realtor who had a big presence, and you certainly do!

You kept us informed throughout the selling process, answered our questions and stayed in touch throughout our sale. 

- Jayme P.

Your team was courteous, helpful and efficient. I especially appreciate the 'extras' your team offered to help me along the way, like the audio and virtual tours.

I had a clear understanding of what to expect, and feel like everything went as planned. I will recommend you to my friends and family when they need to sell a home.

- Rod N.

Your efforts have generated FAR MORE interest in this property than the previous broker. You have had more serious buyers look at the property in the last 60 days than the previous agent was able to do in a year.

- Don O.

I came to your firm via the Dave Ramsey ELP program. I was impressed with your excellent knowledge of the local market, great track record and personality. Your closing manager, Jennifer, was the best part of the whole process!

- Liz D.

I thought your team worked great together, both the realtor and listing manager. They presented themselves professionally, kept me up to date with information and answered all my questions.  Nobody believes me when I tell them you sold my home in four days and that I got my asking price!!!

- Jared - Raleigh

We justed wanted to thank you so much for helping us to find an incredible new home. Working with you was truly a pleasure from start to finish and we know how hard you worked to make sure we got our dream home in our ideal location.  We look forward to working with your again in the future and we are so excited to begin our family in our new home!

- Michelle and Lou

We would always recommend Linda Craft and Team. We were pleased with the efforts, help and support, making it easy. The communication flowed well!

- S. Lothian

I hope you all realize that you're in the business of making dreams come true! You did it for the Viana's. Thank you all for your hard work in making this dream a reality for us. We are so incredibly grateful for everything you've done these past couple months. We will always recommend your services for anyone searching to purchase a home. 

- Jose Viana

Thank you all for making this one of the most stress-free house sales we have ever experienced!

- Bobbie and David

Linda and her team are experts on what it takes to get a fast offer. They do their homework to helped us position the house and prepared us well for the process. I cannot thank them enough. From start to finish this has been a remarkably easy and fast process.

- Amanda and Anthony
This is a little late coming, but I want to show my gratitude to Muriel Bijeau with Linda Craft & Team for helping me to find a home. I really appreciated Muriel's knowledge of the market and her professionalism, plus she made me feel like she was one of my best friends. She would promptly answer emails, texts and calls, and was always looking out for my best interest. I never thought I would be able to afford a house and had no idea how to even get started buying one, and I just don't know how I would have done it without her. Being a single mom, and my paycheck swallowed by rent costs, it looked to me like it was so far off in the distance, that I would ever have my own home. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy a home. Thank you Muriel for helping make a dream come true.

- Donna Howard

I used the team to sell four houses. Yes for all four. I will be recommending Linda Craft and Team to our family and friends in Raleigh. I also plan on selling a couple more properties in the near future and will use the team again!

- Dave D

This is the 3rd house we have sold thru you all and I always amazed and appreciative of the efficiency and hospitality you all show.  I do have to say that I have been SPOILED though because you all are this way! My experiences of late with selling our home (in Hickory NC area) and buying one in Indiana have left me wishing I had Linda and the team doing the job!!! Thank you all for setting the bar high, you are truly a business to marvel at in a world where going above and beyond is not so much the norm anymore!


- Mary Alison

Your Team did great. You answered my questions with out me even asking most of them. Selling a home couldn't have been easier. Getting settled in a new one is harder but everyone here are just wonderful in helping me. Yes, I will recommend your service without any question. Happy Holidays!

- Helen B.

Just a quick note to let you know that we love working with Andrew…He’s fantastic!! I know you’re busy & won’t take more time to tell you how great he is. ;) He’s really a great guy & is working really hard for us.

Really glad we started working with yall!

- Chandra G

Dear Linda Craft,

USCRI-NC is very grateful for your contribution to resettlement in North Carolina. Use of your truck has allowed our staff to provide ready housing to newly arrived refugees from around the globe. Many of these people are living in refugee camps, however in Raleigh, NC they find a home. Thank you for assisting us.



Shirley A Thoms

Director USCRI-NC

- U.S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (charity)

"Bill, thank you so much for all of your help! You are amazing and I appreciate everything you have done! I will definitely be sending clients your way! Thanks again, Liz"

- Liz

Thank you so much for the constant communication.  It is such a pleasure to not have to always initiate questions about status.

- Paul


I wanted to thank you for sharing your story with us last week at the Triangle Ladies Luncheon. I found your words inspiring and a great encouragement to me. Thank you again for your business and I hope you are enjoying your necklace! Thanks again!

- Staci

I can't thank you enough for all you've done to make this happen.  You've been there for me not only professionally, but personally.  You guys are all perfect tens!

- Kim

"Due to the professionalism and knowledge and expertise of the staff and the breadth of resources they make available to you, I think it's a mistake NOT to go with Linda Craft and Team!"

- Dan Doebler

Everyone was so professional and you all are on top of your game.  The communication was awesome and I can't say enough about Linda Craft & Team.

- Larson


I just wanted to thank you for helping me sell my home in Wake Forest. I hope the buyers are as happy in there as we were.


Joseph M.
Wake Forest

- Joseph M.

Your generous support is helping to change the lives of homeless and low-income families! Please accept our thank you and appreciation for your generous donation to support our mission to end poverty in families and neighborhoods. The Passage Home Team, our board of directors, and the youth and families that we serve everyday are so thankful to you for your support.

Your support is helping to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, empowering women and families who have been homeless, giving education and opportunities to youth, strengthening neighborhoods, and providing hope to communities in need. You are helping families life themselves out of poverty!

Thank you for your dedication and passion to help children and their families in our community!

- Karis Tompkins (Passage Home)

Not a surp[rise to most of you, but I would like to thank Linda and 2 members of her very professional team for their outstanding service and expertise. We took my mom out Sunday to look at townhomes in Raleigh and Andrew cound not have been nicer. He was very professional, helpful, and comforting to my mom during the process (which was not an easy process under the circumstances). Katherin also was instrumental in getting things started and also putting us in touch with someone in NY regarding the sale of my parent's house there. She even followed up with me afterward.

I have not had the opportunity to use their services until now but my experience just further confirms the caliber of Linda's Company.

- Janice

I just want to say I am a RAVING FAN! you are fantastic- your team is fantastic! You and your team continue to WOW me with the professionalism of your preocesses, attention to detail and the incredible network of prefessionals that making my home sale posssible.

10! 10! 10! I am recommneding you to everyou I talk to about my home sale proecess NOW and would absolutely seek your assistance again if/when I have a home to sell!

- Amanda

The communication skills of Linda Craft and Team is exceptional. Never has there been a time lag in getting information as requested...or even before I've thought of the question! David is super, a naturally caring person in action. Katherin is superb in her professionalism, willingness to go beyond and her concern for making sure things go smoothly in the right direction. I think Linda's team is hand picked carefully to make sure their reputation for delivery of top notch service is assured every step of the way. This is my second transaction with Linda Craft and Team. I see no reason to go elsewhere ever in the future also. Highly recommend this firm for all real estate matters. You'll pay the same no matter where you go but here at Linda Craft and Team, you'll be treated with high regard and you'll have the peace of mind that no stone is being left unturned.

- Kate

Someone always responded ina  timely manner to our questions, needs, etc. I was particularly impressed the day we came to fill out paperwork to use Linda's moving truck and sign papers so Jennifer could represent us at closing. We did both in less than 30 minutes. It was quick, organized proecc. The things that stound out most to me when considering the overall experience are Lind'as negotiation tactics, Jennifer's amazing organization and timely responses, and the intern's management and coordination of getting us through the office the day we filled out paperwork for the moving truck and signed closing docs. You sold my home that was listed with another realtor for almost 8 months in less than 8 weeks!

- Brad & Sarah

Thank you for everything!! What aq day! We really appreciate all of your hard work.

- Martha

Pamela was everything I could have asked for. She was extremely patient with me and really made sure that we got a great house in a great neighborhood.

- Kate

Linda & Team;

Thank you for your sweet gift at Christmas time. Your support is such a blessing. Thank you for the impact you have in the community - especially with our girls! Many blessings;

House of Hope

- Sarah

We found out about Linda using Dave Ramsey's ELP program. I'm glad we did! She was a pleasure to work with and so knowledgable about Raleigh, the market, and using the latest in social media to get our house in front of as many people as possible. Even though our circumstances were not favorable, she never gave up and worked with us on every angle to see what would help us out the most. In the end, the best thing for us was renting out our home. That's when we stared working with Katherin Burnette. She was wonderful!! Walked us through every step of renting our home. We had to move out of state before we found a renter and that's when she went above and beyond! What a great partner she was to us during that time. It was a very stressful ...Ramsey's ELP program. I'm glad we did! She was a pleasure to work with and so knowledgable about Raleigh, the market, and using the latest in social media to get our house in front of as many people as possible. Even though our circumstances were not favorable, she never gave up and worked with us on every angle to see what would help us out the most. In the end, the best thing for us was renting out our home. That's when we stared working with Katherin Burnette. She was wonderful!! Walked us through every step of renting our home. We had to move out of state before we found a renter and that's when she went above and beyond! What a great partner she was to us during that time. It was a very stressful time for us, being first time landlords and not being in the state, but she made us feel at ease and we could have never done it without her! I would recommend the Linda Craft Team to anyone out there trying to sell or rent their home. Or even if you don't know what you should do, they will help you!

- Jenny

Thank you for being our speaker in February. We have received so many wonderful comments regarding your story. Thank you for sharing with us and your donation of two nice cruises. We appreciate your generosity.

- Linda Sellers

Dear Linda;

Thank you so much for meeting with me Sunday to discuss the sale of my house, you did much more than that! God put you in my life for a reason. I look forward to working with you in the future and hopefully I will see you at Crossroads Fellowship.

Susan S.

- Susan S.

Dear Linda, Thanks to your generous auction donation, we were able to exceed our event goal of raising $75K. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you!


- House of Hope

Very pleased with the service of Linda Craft & Taem. I really liked the lvel of communication. Keith Knippenberg was particularly helpful in assisting with the paperwork and keeping us informed. Definately would use Linda Craft Realty again and would refer friends.

- Vickie

Linda, Muriel, Jason & Team,

Thank you for being "our realtors for life" and friends for life as well. We appreciate the guidance & professionalism during the time we were selling our home. We had some pinful times when trying to sell and build. It just didn't work as planned. But you showed us another plan that's working out for our good.

Speaking of painful times, we've said 'bye' to a few relatives in 2011, as you know. The most painful was James' mom. Thank you for the lovely card of your support.

James & Nicole

- James and Nicole D.

Ya'll are the best

- Dana S.

Hi, JoAnn;

Just wanted to take a second to say thanks for your help in our home sale and purchase. For both to happen in such a short period is a credit to the job you did. We sincerely wish you and Linda Craft Realty continued success and future growth.

Ken M.

- Ken M.


Thank you for the Ray Whitney statue. It is a perfect addition to my Carolina Hurricane bobblehead set! Also, thank you for speaking to the department heads at WNCN-TV 17. I got a lot of great feedback from those that attended. The best thing about this Carolina Hurricanes season is that I made a new friend of you!

- Craig

Your speech last month at the TLP luncheon was one of the finest I've heard from a business woman and I look forward to sending you referrals!

- Kathleen

Linda & Keith;

Happy New Year. I am finally out from under the boxes and wanted to extend a huge thank you to both of you. Linda, you were so helpful with your expert real estate advice, your guidance helped me not only get through a painful, emotional process but also helped me feel confident that you were going to take care of my best interests. That meant more than you'll ever know.

And Keith, you are just amazing at your job. I wanted Linda to know that I was so very impressed by your mixture of constant communication, availability, honesty and knowledge. I was in a very stressful situation and you stuck by me with such patience. Working with short sales has to be so challenging because every sale is different from the next. You did an outstanding job being in the middle of a sad situation and working so hard with the banks. Thank you for all that you did to sell the home successfully and before foreclosure. Your work was much appreciated.

I wanted both of you to know that Ava and I are happy in our rental home. I defintely need a change of scenery and the neighborhood has a lot to offer a three year old! We are doing the best we can, and I am lucky to have my guardian angel by my side.

Please know if there is anything I can do for you, such as write a testimonial for Linda Craft & Team, I would be happy to do so. I have, of course, already referred your name to many local friends for their real estate needs. I wish you both a wonderful 2011 and thank you again for everything.


Lisa F.

- Lisa F.

We are so-o-o-o-o thankful of your truck service for our charity, House of Joy! What a great help you have been!

Bob & Carol

Rating: 5

- Bob & Carol

Thank you for the time you gave to our Team. The information and instruction you and Eric shared will certainly impact a great number of those interested in growing their business. It was very generous of you to give such a wonderful gift. You are a very special person in many ways.

- John

Dear Linda,

This year’s Socks and Undie 5K was amazing? We raised well over our $60,000 goal and had over 500 people attend our event.

Because of wonderful sponsors like the Linda Craft Team, we have the financial support we need to be able to reach the additional 500 children we plan to!

Thank you for clothing children with Dignity and Love through Not In The Pocket!

(This was included on the same note:)

Linda, Thank you for your consistent support!

With your help, we have provided clothes to over

13,000 children since 2013 and we are only getting started!

Love Dallas

- Note in the Pocket

Thank you so much. You have been the greatest thing about buying a home. Customer service is Awesome!

- Miranda B.


Kevin & Jennifer responded to all our needs in a timely manner. You helped us find the house we wanted and we were very satisfied.  We will defintiely recommend you to our family and friends!

- Jason and Amy


Just wanted to say thank-you for all your help. We will love to buy our first hosue with you as soon as we can, also would refer you and your company to anyone looking to do the same.

Thanks again!

Rick P.

- Rick P.

"I commend you for your business approach and find it amazing that everyone on your team focuses on their specific area to guide your sellers through the process with great expertise.  Because of this experience, if I should ever choose to sell my home, I would have total confidence in your team"

- Vicky Loblein

Linda, thank you so very much for your kind, caring, sincere help today. You taught me a lot and I feel as if someone's on my side. Now I know why you are always on top. Congratulations and Kudos!! Your friend,

- Rebecca

Linda & Team,

Just a much belated thank you for the tickets a few weeks ago.  Your marketing and promotions are always first class and highly appreciated!



- Matt

On behalf of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina,k thank you for your generous participation in the 24th annual Heart of Carolina Food Drive. This year, we were able to exceed our goal of 4.2 million pounds of food! We are thrilled to be able to continue to provide meals to those in our 34 county service area who need help putting food on the table.


The Heart of Carolina Food Drive is a community-based effort to help stock the shelves for those in need and provides a wonderful way for neighbors to help neighbors. Your donation of 200 pounds of food is equivalent to 168 meals for those in need and is greatly appreciated! Please extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who contributed.

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is commemorating our 30th year of operation. Unfortunately, the need has never been greater. With over 545,000 at risk of hunger in our 34 county service area, the Food Bank last year distributed over 41.5 million pounds of food to a network of over 800 partner agencies including soup kitchens, group homes, shelters and food pantries.

Your efforts to help fight hunger will make a difference in the lives of many people in our community. We simply couldn't do it without your support!


Linda Fisher
Special Events & Food Drive Coordinator

- Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina


Thank you for bringing us a buyer for our listing.  We appreciate your hard work.  Jennifer was great to work ith as well. 

Wishing you the best!

Karen & Phil

- Karen & Phil

I was extremely satisfied with all members of Linda's team.  I think Linda and others kept me well informed and updated.  I also appreciated the recommendations made by Linda and others.  I am thankful that the entire process could be conducted through email or phone contact. 

- E. Cagle


Thank you for meeting with me this past weekend to discuss the potential sale of our home.  I appreciate your honesty and realistic expectations and was impressed with your level of knowledge of the market.  While we do feel comfortable that you'll get us top dollar for our house, we've decided that now is not the best time to move and through evaluating all of our options have decided to stay in our current home.

When we are again ready to evaluate our options and make a move we will keep Linda Craft and Team at the top of our list, especially because of our great experience with Muriel when purchasing our current home.

Thanks again, we look forward to working with you when we are ready!


- Chris

Linda & Team,

Thank you so much for the free moving van this week., Having this service available to us was priceless and made the move so much easier. We truly appreciate you and your team making it possible to offer this service to your clients.

- Terry Williams

First let me say I couldn't have made it out of Noveau and into my precious little home without the Linda Craft Team. Your truck was an absolute life saver and John's moving is the best there is. They were so wonderful. Thanks for recommeding them!

- Wanda Stephens

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your hard work in selling my home. Thanks for putting up with me and my sarcastic remarks regarding the repairs.

As a business owner, I deal with many different businesses and people daily. If everyone I deal with was as efficient, professional and helpful as you, my life would be much easier.

You had my home on the market within 5 days of meeting me and had seven showings the first week. You always promptly returned my calls, which means the world, at least to me. You had a good quote and a skilled repair man at my home within 24 hours of the inspection and I didn't have to do a thing other than pay him. You explained all the details very thoroughly.

Nobody believes me when I tell them you sold my home in 4 days, in this market, for only 3 grand less than the asking price. I have done my best to tell people I know how happy I have been with your firm.

Thanks again,


- Builder - Justin

I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know what a fantastic job JV has done for me and my wife from the beginning of our home search right up to and even through closing. Throughout this process, JV never pressured us or made it seem like he was just interested in a paycheck. Instead, he patiently answered all of our questions, guided us through the process as first-time home buyers and found a great house that was outside of our pre-conveived notions. I can not stress enough how grateful we are for JV's hard work and dedication or how much we love our new home.



- David - Cary

I'm writing to recognize and acknowledge the excellent services provided by one of the members of your team, Jennifer Hicks. We recently closed on the purchase of a townhouse in Raleigh that my son will be occupying. I asked a real estate friend in Rocky Mount for help and she made the arrangements. Quickly, Jennifer was in contact offering to help.

...I would like to commend and recognize Jennifer for a job well done and feel she truly enjoys and is very knowledgable about her profession. I would think she would be a very valuable asset to any firm she represents.


Rocky Mount

- Brad

Just wanted to say thank you for the coupon, as Spencer/I bought a Booger Mountain Christmas Tree Tonight. Happy Holidays to you and your family! :)

- Clay, Alison, DeBow, and Spencer Turpin

Andrew, thanks for going out of your way on Wednesday afternoon to say, "Hello" when I dropped in to pick up our awesome pumpkin pie. It's those small gestures in life that make the big difference.

- Bob Watral


Thank you for being so AMAZING to work with! Linda's lucky to have you on her team. Thank you both for making this a great transaction!

Paige C.

- Paige C,

On behalf of the Lake Park Swim Team, thank you for your generous donation! We had swimmers swim their personal best times and many broke team & pool records. Most made lifelong friendships stronger at this event. Your donation made this possible. Thank you again!

- Lake Park Swim Team

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you on our transaction. You maintained a very professional manner even when we were repeatedly finding out that the closing was going to have additional delay. You were always on top of what was going on, but never showed frustration at the situation. Linda is very luck to have you on her team.

- Nogui

We will definitely recommend you and your team whenever the opportunity comes up. We have been very happy with the service we received and especially appreciate the use fo the moving vans!

Thank you;

Pat & Terry W.

- Pat & Terry W.

Thank you very much for our Thanksgiving Pie. It was very much appreciated. Linda Craft Realty will always be our Realtor.

- Emily Kotula

You were recommended to us by a family member. We were looking for someone honest, who could deliver the experience we needed to sell our home. Throughout the process, you were professional, explained everything to us.

We used the cleaners and painters you recommended on our property, and everything was taken care of in a timely manner. We will recommend you to our family and friends!

- Robert M.

Thank you for your note and gift card. I appreciate the thoughtfulness.

- Ricky Ray

Once again thank you for the incredible applie pie! It was a great way to cap off a wonderful meal (still working on finishing the pie by the way!) We appreciate all that you and Kim Crump have done for us and won't hesitate to recommend you to future Raleigh residents!

- Kevin, Jennifer, and Rylee Craig

A family member recommended that I use your firm to sell my home. I wanted somebody who had strong ethics. Your organization explained everything to me, kept me updated regularly and exceeded my expectations.

Thank you!

- Debbie T.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an amazing job Jennifer did with the home we worked on together. From start to finish, she was responsive, professional and just a joy to work with. She stayed on top of every aspect of the sale and did so with a smile. I truly look forward to working with her and you again!


Judy T.

- Judy T.

I saw your TV commercials and contacted you about my home. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the area, how well you were respected in the field, your honesty and professionalism. You always called me back promptly when I called you!

I will remember you when someone I know is looking to buy or sell a home.

- Nicole


At 60 days, I appreciate everything your team is doing to sell my home. All of the showing feedback is positive. Let me know if there's other things I can do to help get this place sold!

Thanks for all you are doing to sell my house!


- Brenda

Thank you so much for letting me use the moving truck this past weekend! It mad the move so much quicker and easier! Just wanted to let you know that it was extremely helpful and much appreciated! Thanks again!

- Robyn

"My wife and I have relocated six times all across North America, buying and selling eleven homes during the process. Linda Craft recently assisted us with the sale of our home in North Raleigh.

The expertise, professionalism, and level of service provided by Linda Craft and her team were beyond compare. From our initial meeting with Linda to all the closing details expertly handled by Debra, we were extremely pleased.

The marketing program developed for our home was unparalleled and we were especially impressed with the CD video tour set to music. Our home was immediately active with lots of showings and we signed a contract for sale at 98% of list price in just eleven days.

There is most definitely a big difference in experience and service provided by realtors. Linda Craft and her team are the best!"

- Del Nordstrom
"Linda sold our home in Apex so quickly and she was great to work with. Linda is just so professional… We think she is wonderful"
- Jess and Sue
"We want to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your help in the sale of our home in Wake Forest. … you’re our #1 Realtor!!"
- Greg and Teresa
"Linda helped us get our house prepared for sale so that it sold very quickly when it came on the market. Linda counseled us and managed every aspect of the work that we needed to do to prepare our home for the market. Her full service approach was a big plus to us and we highly recommend Linda Craft"
- John & Nancy

"We wanted to thank you all for recently helping us get into our desired home location. We were pleasantly surprised that our home sold so quickly. We are blessed to be in our new home and thanks to you for completing the closing."

- Rick & Teresa

"Yesterday we celebrated two weeks in our new home. We've made it home now with all our things... We are so grateful to you and your team for helping us with the sale and purchase. You were all a pleasure to work with and we will recommend you for sure."

- Will and Susan
"Last month your team sold our home in Raleigh. We believe that your approach not only helped us sell our house, but made us feel special as well. You answered our endless questions and, if not available, returned our calls promptly. That doesn't happen very often today. We were treated with the utmost respect and professionalism."
- Al and Patty
"Linda and her entire team did an outstanding job in selling our home. It was truly a team approach with Linda at the helm. From her initial assessments of preparing the house for sale, to keeping us up to date weekly with progress reports, to making suggestions along the way, we were able to sell our home in a short period of time. Throughout the entire process, Linda and her team acted with the utmost professionalism. We highly recommend Linda Craft!"
- Mark

"Thank you for all your hard work, your thoroughness and attention to detail. Most of all I personally appreciate your sales technique. You were never "pushy". I never liked the high pressure sales approach so you made my day."

- Jeff

"Congratulations on your many awards for your fine work. But yes, I did know that by selecting you as my Real Estate agent, I did choose the very best."

- Chloris
Muriel - "Our thanks for all your time and energy spent showing me homes and the Raleigh area. You are appreciated!"
- Tammy
"Muriel has been a great person to work with and an excellent Realtor."
- Hector and Carmen
"It was a pleasure working with you. Your closing coordinator, Beth, is a great asset to your team. Please express my thanks to her for her friendly and patient attitude."
- Melissa
"I would like to thank you and everyone on your team for the assistance you all gave me in selling my little golf course home. From the minute you came to my home, I felt like I was in THE BEST hands! I love Linda Craft and her wonderful team!"
- Doreen
"Using your company to sell our home has made our transition so much easier. Your staff, especially Beth, provided the highest quality support and assistance, than any other home sale we've experienced. As you know this is our eighth move with the company and hopefully our last and you made the most professional and pleasant. Thanks again."
- Richard
"What an effective listener and seller she is: Everlyn. A champion of negotiation and coordinator in a professional fashion- is/are words/phrases to describe Everlyn. Job well done Everlyn. "
- The Nakundi Family
Thanks for your expertise, delivered with kinds words! We appreciate your responsiveness and your great team!
- Bob and Jane Brown
I looked at how other realtors handled properties in my subdivision. You were the only one moving properties in a timely fashion. I realized you were effective and knew what you were doing.
- Sheryl and Joseph Sudlar

It was a pleasure working with you and your team and I know in the future we will be doing business again.

- Debra Fisher
Thank you Sonya.
- One of our littlest customers...
Dear Mrs. Craft,

Thank you very much for your corporate sponsorship of our golf classic again this year.   Because of the generosity of businesses like yours in the community and our NRCA friends and families, we now have more than $80,000 to start a scholarship endowment.   Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission of preparing students to impact society for Christ! 

With Sincere Thanks,
Wendy Clark
North Raleigh Christian Academy
- Wendy Clark- North Raleigh Christian Academy
Hi BJ,

Thank you for the courier follow up.  I love the weekly report.

-Randy Roswell
- Randy Roswell
Besides being pleasant to work with I felt that you kept my interests in mind.

-Dan and Grace Fox
- Dan & Grace Fox
Hi Diane (Norman),

It was a pleasure working with you on our closing at 300 Dundalk Way.  I look forward to working with you again soon.

-Diana Uyterhoeven
- Diana Uyterhoeven
It's an amazing team!  I have never experienced anything like this before!  There are no suggestions to be made; don't change a single thing.  We will definitely refer your services to anyone purchasing or selling a house.  We had a difficult time with our first purchase (no fault of yours) and if it wasn't for Jeff, Christina, and Leigh we would have not "survived" the disappointment.  We are closing on an amazing home next Thursday and I can't thank the Linda Craft Team enough.  God bless all of you!

The Viana's
- Jose Viana

Dear Linda,I just wanted to take a moment and compliment you on your choice of associates.I recently sold my house and purchased a new home with the help of you and your buying and selling team. Words cannot express my gratitude. Their caring attitudes and attention to details made my selling and buying experience truly wonderful people working with you no wonder you’re a ‘Top Producer'. Thanks to all of you…especially Jessica.

- Sharon Johnson

Dear Linda and Katherin,

Thank you very much for the CD of great music. My wife listened to this in the delivery room and we use it to calm the baby. Thank you very much. - Todd, Jen and Finnegan
- Todd and Jen
    Deb Lytle was amazing and made the whole finishing process great.  Kudos to her for going the extra mile!
- Peter Thiodeau
Dear Linda, Jay, and team,

I want to take a minute to follow up with you and let you know just how much I appreciate your generous support of me and the Avon breast cancer walk. I have been overwhelmed by the response of friends and family in support of this cause. It\'s wonderful, and I feel truly blessed to be part of it! I am very lucky to have such a wonderful cheering section!

Thanks again for your support. I really do appreciate it more than I can say!

- Britt MacNabb

Linda, thank you for being one of our Celebrity Panelist last month. You were very informative, funny, and charming. I would love to have you again in the future.

 Andrew Ladner VP of Marketing and Council Home Builders Association of Raleigh - Wake County

- Andrew Ladner
For the record, Christina, you have been nothing short of the cat's pajamas through all of this.  Thanks for everything!
- David Baum
Thanks Jessica, when we are done with our loose ends and taking care of everything, you will be the first person we call.  You are excellent at what you do and we have built a very trusting relationship already.    Thanks again!
- Sharron Bass
This was fast!!!  Thanks to your team and Diane was a great experience!
- Scott Harris
Thanks, Brenda, for the pix and all your help in selling our home.  We appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail and customer service!
- Cheryl Little
Diane Norman is top notch!  She did an excellent job and we are extremely happy to have worked with her!
- Christine Agamite
Everything was great!
- Guillermo Ayala
We cannot begin to express how Linda Craft & Team made buying our first home a smooth, seamless process.   Diane Norman\'s real estate knowledge was astounding and she was always available to us.  Christina was also extremely helpful.  Her attitude was energetic and really put us at ease.  Everyone seemed to really take interest in our needs and were always smiling.  Again, we were extremely impressed with the team\'s professionalism as a whole.   We have already recommended the team to friends. 
- Sean and Lyndy Harden
My friend spoke very highly of you.  So, I decided to give your office a try.  I called the next day and I asked the receptionist to give me the best agent she had and who was also knowledgeable about foreclosures.  She referred me to Diane Shayya and Christina Mastascusa. They are the reason why I am writing this letter.  Diane and Christina were the most professional, hardworking, get the job done, I will take care of our needs, agents.  For all investments and houses that I buy, I will be calling on these two ladies.  I can't even express how pleased I am to have had them work on my closing.  I am very happy.  I can't imagine there being a better team.  I am a proud advertisement for your agency.  Everywhere I go I will speak highly of your office.  I did not have to stress over any details.  Thank you again for having such a good team.
- Tonya Williams
Dear Linda & Team,
Thanks so much for the amazing pumpkin pie. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and how much my husbands stomache appreciates the flavor!
Warm Regards,
-S. Golden-
- S. Golden
"You and your team have been such a great joy to work with so far and I'm glad we came to you to help sell our house!" - Maria "Mimi" Hardin
- Maria "Mimi" Hardin
"Linda, thank you so much for making the sale of our house so easy.  It was hard for us to leave Raleigh but you made it much less stressful.  We really appreciate your professionalism and wonderful communication.  Although we were 1500 miles away, we always felt in the loop!"
 - Kevin and Kathryn
- Kevin and Kathryn
"Linda takes professionalism seriously.  She surrounds herself with a professional staff that really assists with every aspect of buying or selling a home.  Linda with be my Realtor in the Triangle for myself and friends."
-Nancy Dice
- Nancy Dice
"Everyone in the office was available to help or answer questions any time, and everyone was concerned with how we were doing." -Susan and Ron Falkowski
- Susan and Ron Falkowski
"You all are great. I have enjoyed working with you all. Good luck in your new office and company. Thanks and lets get some houses sold!" -Dana Sherron
- Dana Sherron
"Linda has an outstanding reputation.  She puts every client first and looks out for your best interest.  She gives great exposure and marketing for your home."
-Steve and Rea Dieland
- Steve and Rea Dieland
"Linda, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your Team for helping me find my dream home.  I appreciate the time and care you took to make this happen."
-Jo Ann
- Jo Ann
"Linda, on behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank you so very much for all the incredible work you did to see that our house was sold.  I lack words to describe your commitment...when you say "Linda Craft knows her business" to us it reaches our hearts, and we will always be indebted to you."
-Joni and Ruth Kondiek
- Joni & Ruth Kondiek
"My wife and I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping us find our new home.  Being from Baltimore we were unfamiliar with the Raleigh area and had no idea where to begin our search.  We just wanted to express our appreciation to the entire group for your professionalism and caring in making our search and purchase a rewarding experience."
- Ken
"Linda, just a quick note to say thank you!  I can\'t tell you how happy we are with our new home.  Your team has been wonderful.  You all are professional, timely, friendly, and very organized.  It is amazing how smoothly everything went with the sale of our home as well as the purchase of our new home.  It is a direct reflection of you and your staff.  Again, I thank you for making this a positive experience." - Chris and Jennifer
- Chris and Jennifer
"Linda, we would like to thank you for all of your help and kindness during our move and with making things nice and smooth with the house."  - Kevin and Jeannie
- Kevin and Jeannie
On behalf of me and Paul, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS HAVE DONE FOR US.  Without doubt should we list another home, it will be with Linda Craft!!!
-Janice Robertson
- Janice Robertson
You guys were awesome...If I am ever in the market for a new home, you guys will be the first I call.  If I hear of anyone in the market, I will definately recommend you guys.  You were GREAT!!!
-Terri Garrity
- Terri Garrity
"You & staff were great.  Thank you for helping me sell my home!" - Camille Lee
- Camille Lee
"They were outstanding!" - John Arcovaci
- John Arcovaci
"This has been a great experience, everyone was very helpful, I will highly recommend Linda's company to anyone!" - Barbara Roper
- Barbara Roper
I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all your help.  Who knows if I will ever move again, but if I do there is no question on who would be my Realtor.  Anyone I know, who is looking to buy or sell, I'll let them know how helpful and professional both of you and the others were at Linda Craft & Team.
Thanks so much!
PS - My 73 year old mother, loved the truck!
- Danny Lineback
You guys have done an excellent job helping my uncle and aunt sell their house.  Will call on you for future house selling or buying needs.  You were very responsive and pleasant to work with! -Rami
- Rami
I just wanted to personally thank you and your wonderful team for all your efforts in selling my home. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. You have a great team of individuals working for you. From Brenda\'s helpful and tactful suggestions as to how I could improve my home so it would sell, to Debra\'s shepherding me through the closing process. Thank you all!!!
-Sherylann Sudler
- Sherylann Sudler
Thank you, Linda, for selling my home!  Your professionalism, knowledge of the market, confidence that your team will handle all in these matters convinced me that I was making the right decision in choosing your team. 
P.S. I loved that you came with my first box to start right you were! 19 showings in 2 weeks - sold!
-John Bethel
- Joann Bethel
We have appreciated your efforts on selling both our homes and we are very satisfied customers.
-Devon Brewer
- Devon Brewer
Dear Linda,
Please accept these pictures of Marshall as a token of our appreciation for your generosity toward and support of this year\\\'s Spring Sprint that was held at St. Timothy\\\'s School in Raleigh, March 24th, Marshall and Susan also enjoyed the Hurricanes Game.  Thanks for the tickets you gave us.
Thanks for your continued support and prayers on behalf of Marshall.  We greatly appreciate all that is being done for us as a family and for Marshall in particular.
Please continue your prayers for him and his donor, Karen Tyner.  Also, we ask your prayers for all those awaiting organ transplants especially the children, their donors, and their medical teams.
We give thanks everyday for our blessings and for the many faithful who are at prayer.
Peace and Blessings to you and all those in whose love you live,
Reverend Philip R. Taylor
The Free Episcopal Church
- the Free Episcopal Church
We at the American Legion want to thank you for your generous donation of supplying the materials and printing 250 color PROGRAMS for the Memorial Day Ceremony to be held at the Raleigh National Cemetery on May 27, 2007.
For God and Country,
Ryland Collins
- The American Legion Raleigh Post One
Dear Linda,
Thank you for your generous contribution of bottled water in support of  The American Legion District 11 Oratorical Contest scheduled for Saturday, January, 26, 2008.  Contributions such as yours have made it possible for the American Legion to sponsor Oratorical Contests whose purpose is to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States in America\'s high school students.
You have supported the American Legion Post One on numerous occasions and please know that we are most grateful for your support.  We wish you continued success in all your future endeavors and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Anthony Bonapart
- American Legion Post One
"The Linda Craft Team certainly keeps me informed and the Team is agressively attempting to sell my townhome.  At this point, I am completely satisfied.  If I can do more to help, please advise."
- Darrell
Thanks for meeting with me and discussing my situation and thank you for the hockey tickets!
- Mary Jane Dunn

You are excellent!

- Anil and Nandita Dhulia
I knew that when I met with you at the end of August of 2007 that if anyone could sell my house you could.  Linda Craft and Team are truly wonderful.  From yourself to Brenda, BJ, David, and were all so very helpful and a pleasure to work with.  You and your Team have made 2008 a great year for me.  Just to let you know, I\'ve told all my Raleigh friends about how great Linda Craft and Team was in the sell of my home.  Again, Thanks!
- Janice Person
Hi Linda,
Thanks again for your donation for the Bachelor Bid.  Your trip was a huge success!  The last time I checked the bid sheet, we were up to $1,200.  WOW!! 

The Women\'s Center is currently working thorugh the final $$$\'s and will let us know how much the final prceeds were.  As soon as I hear, I\'ll let you know.  Everyone had lots of fun and I hope we raised lots of money for The Women\'s Center.  Thank you!!
- Christine Swank
You have shown such insight and quality of service above what we asked for, you all anticipate what we need!  Thank you!
- Paul and Margaret Duval
Thank you and your team for your help in selling our house.  Your early suggestions helped us properly prepare our home for sale before going on the market.  We believe that this led to the quick sale our house for a value within a few hundred dollars of our asking price.  Your closing manager, Debra Lytle, helped guide us through the closing of our house and always promptly responded to our questions and concerns. 
My wife and I appreciate your services and wish you much success in the future.  You can expect a call from us if life leads us back to Raleigh.
- Jeremy Crumley
You guys rock!
- Lou Youino
Thank you for your contribution of chip clips and tote bags to the MOPS program at Hope Community Church.  We very much appreciate it!
Heather Teichmann
MOPS Retreat Coordinator
- Hope Community Church
Dear Linda,
Thank you for your most generous contribution to the RPAC.  With 2008 being an election year,it is most important than ever to have the resources to elect Realtor-friendly candidates!  I appreciate your continued commitment to the cause and please let me know if you ever need staff assistance.
- Mary Catherin Green
Hi Linda!
I always have a good time at Bark Around the Park!  Thanks for hosting it!  I have your postcard taped to my refrigerator as a reminder!
I hope you sell a few homes today!
- Joe Forgeng
Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for the fabulous and tasty punpkin pie! It was enjoyed by all at our Thanksgiving Table.  We hope your Holiday was wonderful for you and yours!
-Laurie & Bob
- Laurie & Bob
I have been thrilled with the efforts. My house not selling is not a reflection of the work put into getting my house out in the public eye. I appreciate the phone calls, emails, suggestions & marketing materials that are provided to me by a pleasant team member every time I have had contact. Luckily I have had a lot of experience with real estate agents and Linda's team, by far, is leaps and bounds above everyone in every way possible.
-Jackie Edens
- Jackie Edens
I was very pleased with the service privided by the Linda Craft & Team. Everything seemed so easy, and the agents kep us up to date on what we should be doing. Just the comfort of knowing that we had a great team in our corner made the process very easy and worry free.
- Billy Aubut
I have been very impressed with the Linda Craft Team
- Shandra Coilles
I have been very happy with your service!
- Charles Elks
Many thanks to the Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for allowing us to utilize the "jumpy house." for our Feast of the Imagination Fundraiser event to help Kidzu Museum in Chapel Hill.  Many thanks again for your willingness to offer us use of the house- the kids had a great time!
Karen M. DeHard
- Karen m. DeHart
Brian was our buyer specialist, he was great!
- Donna
We are very excited! Thanks for all that ya'll have done!
-Nicole B
- Nicole Burke
Dear Ms. Craft,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the members of Corvettes International and Hospice of Wake County for your recent support of our 12th annual charity car show.  This year we were able to raise over $2,000 for Hospice of Wake County. 
Although this was a large undertaking from our entire membership, we felt the rewards were substantial in helping our local community.  Again we say thank you and with your continued support we can make it a bigger and better show next year.
Frank Everitt
Car Show Committee
- Corvettes International
Hi Linda!
I wanted to let you know that I sent a young couple, (Brian and Ashley) to you a few weeks ago and one of your agents found them their dream home in ONE DAY!  They had been working with another company and I told them "You've got to call Linda- she's the absolute best!"  I'm so glad they did and they are soooo excited about their beautiful new home!  Thanks again for all the fantastic work yall do-it gives me confidence in referring people to you!
- Rhonda Garrett
Linda is THE BEST Realtor I have ever heard of, truly her services and networking are the most comprehensive and personal we have ever known of. Thanks so much for letting us know about the generous services Linda is offering!
-Rhonda G.
- Rhonda Garrett
This is an Awesome Service!
- Scott Harris
- Scott Harris
Thank you very much for the wonderufl Thanksgiving pie! That was very generous of you and made our family dinner extra special! Thank you for all you do for your customers!
-John B
- John B
Linda! Congradulations on being the Star of the Month! I know that you and your team work extremely hard! I can not think of a group anymore deserving!
- Micah & Beth
- Micah & Beth
I attended Linda Craft's Discussion, "getting the most value out of your home." It was terrific! I took away enough information in 60 minutes to allow me to realize thousands of dollars in additional return on my investment when I someday sell my home. Most important of all, Linda made me understand just how important it is to maintain my home while I raise my family there. AWESOME JOB Linda!
-Bob W
- Bob Watral
Just a Thank You for the Pie you gave us at Thanksgiving! That was a nice gesture, and we really enjoyed it.
-Rob & Emily
- Ron & Emily K
We just wanted to thank you very much for everything you have done to help us during our recent sale and move(s). Also, thank you for the pie; it was fantastic! We added the required Cool Whip, and it was excellent. I'm sure Piepalooza turned out excellent! Using the trucks was a great help, we couldn't have done it nearly as quickly on our own. Again, thanks very much , and hope to see all of you again soon!
-Paul & Diane Q.
- Paul & Diane Quintin
Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for letting us use the moonwalk for my daughter's birthday.  It was a huge hit!  Hope all is well with you.
Heather Williams
- Heather Williams
I appreciate the opportunity you gave us to make my daughter's first Canes game the best ever.  She can't stop talking about it. 
I really enjoyed the royal treatment and talking with you at the game.   You and your team are a class act!
Talk to you soon,
Steve Jackle
- Steve Jackle
Dear Linda Craft and Team,
Thank you so very much for the use of your moving van for our charity, Victory Mission Association Christian Academy. We serve 130 students K through 6th grade in Liberia, Africa. We have been very fortunate in receiving computer and book donations for our school, but had no way to transport the boxes in the short period of time. Thankfully, you office generously allowed us use of your van. We really appreciate that you loan it out to charities and thank you again for letting us borrow if for the day.
Elaine Hankins
Chair Director, Victory Mission Association
- Elaine Hankins
Thanks to you and your team for all the help in closing 1005 Dickinson. Your professionalism and attention to all the details made this process easy to handle. You have a fabulous group and should be proud how they work so hard.
Thanks again,
Robert and Lisa
- Robert and Lisa
You guys are awesome!
- Gene
It's been a pleasure, the Linda Craft Team is one of the most professional teams I have dealt with, I hope to deal with more soon! Thanks again!
- Jason
The best in the business with a great plan!
Julia & Craig Zeigler
- Julia & Craig Zeigler
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I especially noticed the abundance of teamwork in the office!
-Bonnie and Vernon
- Bonnie & Vernon
Thank you so very much for the deliviciously sweet and impressive apple pie you so graciously gifted us for our Thanksgiving Day Meal. It was enjoyed thorougly by all in our family. Thanks again! We also made your Mom's jello and it was a hit as well. Have a Happy Holliday!
-Bill & Sue Cooper
- Bill & Sue Cooper

Dear Linda,

Thank you for the time you spent with Sylvia and me yesterday. While the news was not positive it was refreshing to have someone work with us who obviously knew what she was doing. This is so different from our experiences with the other realtors we have worked with so far. All of the focus seemed to be getting a listing contract signed with nowhere near the thought and preparation you demonstrated yesterday. After the contract was signed we hardly had any contact that we did not request. The one screen you showed with the concentric rings and expected price percentage you are off really hit me as the last time we had several showings and a few second showings but no offers and our agent never suggested a 3 – 5 % drop to push to the bulls eye. May have made a difference.


- Mike Basham
Thank you so much for your generous donation of your moving truck for the Women's Distance Festival 5k that took place in Sept. The race raised more than 20,000$ for Interact and we couldn't have done that without generous sponsers like you!
-Nancy Bokish
- Nancy B.
I personally wanted to let you know what a FABULOUS experience we have had working with Mike W. & Christina M- without a doubt, they both professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I can only imagine what an asset they both are for your team. Thakn you for setting the standard in this profession for the ultimate customer service.
-Joe P.
- Joe P
We think everyone worked hard. Your strategy seemed to work. We appreciate having the chance to work with Joanna who was well prepared and knew what she was talking about!
- Ethel H.
- Ethel H.
Thakn you very much for supporting girls on the run. Your support will help many girls participate in the spring program. I greatly appreciate your help.
Jen K.
- Jen K.
We would like to thank you all so much for allowing us to use the moon walk on Saturday. We greatly appreciate everything and especially how helpful Kathryn was with helping us to make all the arrangements. We will spread the word on what a wonderful and helpful realty team you all are! Thank you!
-Chanel & Jeff
- Chanel & Jeff B.
Just wanted to say thank you for selling our house in Bernett Park. The house is great; we are looking forward to living in our new house.
- Joe D.
Everything and everyone is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, and able to get the job done.
-Matt M.
- Matt M.
Thank ya'll for everything! You and your staff have been outstanding!
-Jill F.
- Jill F
We were happy with the service!
- Scott and Julie Walker
- Scott & Julie Walker
The service was EXCELLENT!
- Adrienne V
Linda Craft & Team kept me very well informed and made me feel comftorable. I could have not asked for better service.
-Sharon N.
- Sharon N.
We were very happy with the entire procedure followed from the beginning to the end, with the professional manner in which all of the employees handle our contract, I cannot think of anything that you could have done better. I will absolutly recommend my family and friends to the Linda Craft Team!
-Charles& Zelma
- Charles & Zelma

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