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Linda Craft & Team Are A Corporate Sponsor of the Carolina Hurricanes

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In 2006, Linda Craft & Team were very excited to announce they were named the Preferred Real Estate Partner for the 2006 Stanley Cup Champions, the Carolina Hurricanes.

As a Corporate Sponsor for the Canes, Linda and her Team assist players, coaches, managers staff and local fans with their housing needs including Cam Ward, Joe Corvo, Cory Stillman, Kevyn Adams, Jim Rutherford, John Grahame, Andrew Hutchinson, Scott Walker, Tim Gleason, Matt Cullen, Sergei Samsonov, Michael Leighton, Dennis Seidenberg and Patrick Eaves.

Linda was featured in 21 in-game presentations and she gave away two hot air balloon rides to the fans. Her clients as well as any game attendee are given the chance to win free hockey tickets with premier parking passes that are given away for every home game. To have a chance to win these tickets, simply visit our home page and register online.

The following people have enjoyed FREE hockey tickets:
Keith Ashworth
Angie and Scott Bailey
Chris and Shawn Belcher
Danny and Michelle Bissette
Allen Blankenship
Kyla Block
Artie and Maria Blume
Kelly and Tammy Boat
Andy Borter
Clate and Devon Brewer
Brad Carroll
Denis and Jennifer Cindric
Kevin and Kelly Clark
Marty and Jane Clarke
Paul Collins
John and Susan Cook
Cory and Nikale Cooper
John and Candler Cox
Gareth and Sue Davies
Mark and Megan Steighner Davis
Steve and Megan Delong
Tom and Tina Diamond
James and Nicole Dozier
Norwin and Stephanie Fischer
David and Jennifer Fitts
Jennifer Frazelle
Karen and Gene Gainey
Dan Gilvary
Richard and Nannette Godwin
Teresa Grant
Joshua Greenstein
David and Patricia Guin
Chris and Renee Hahn
Mark and Gina Hayek
Chuck and Carie Hayworth
Brian and Deanna Heaney
Jim and Donna Heinrich
Whitney Hill
Jeff Horsley
Jay and Debbie Jennings
Sandra Jones
Shawn and Brandi Jones
Karl and Marla Kaste
Matt and Melanie Kohr
Greg and Gina Lange
Chris and K-Dee Leith
Linda Lejnar
Bobby Lewis
Phil and Britt Macnabb
Richard and Royann Martin
Mike McCollum
David McKinnon
Ian and Sylvia McMillan
Rick and Teresa Miller
Tim and Kathy Murray
Kevin and Alan Blankenshi Mussler
Alan and Mary Norris
Amy Norris
Barbara O'Cain
Cynthia O'Daniel
Jim and Gena Pappalardo
Joel Pearl
Melissa and Michael Peters
Janis Pettit
Brad Phelps
Don and Debbie Phillips
Michael Pope
Tony and Dona Butler
Port and Laura Riddick
Bill and Robertson Terry
Ginger and Ryan Doug
Amanda Schoonmaker
Teague Schwartzel
David Shinn
Brandon and Bertha Smith
Chris and Heather Smitherman
Jeff and Melissa Snell
Michelle Sodrel
Dennis and Michelle Steichen
Kerry and Christine Swank
Michael Swiger
Stan and Ann Swinson
Jeff Swisher
Philip and Susan Taylor
David and Jacqueline Transou
Mark and Kimberly Trant
Jim and Laurie Ungar
Tom and Mary Vinopal
Russ Wallace
Bob Watral
Shaun and Alyson Watson
Jeff White
Mark and Hope Young
Ryan and Lindy Allen
Cecelia Webb
Lisa and Robert Beller

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