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Abella's Hammer & Brush
Contact Name: Simon Abella
Phone: 919.671.6606
Buddy Harris
Phone: 919.793.7165
Cabinet Creations
Contact Name: Wayne Foushee
Phone: 919.542.3722
Capital Stair Makeover
Contact Name: Wally Ackerson
Phone: 919.622.3005
Carolina Chimney
Phone: 919.562.7668
Ceramic Dimensions
Contact Name: Chris Dean
Phone: 919.621.0143
City Rock Counter Tops and Remodeling
Phone: 919-782-4237
Email: Info@cityrockinc.com
Express Yourself Paint
Contact Name: John Monderen
Phone: 919.215.3041
Specialized Refinishing
Contact Name: Will Schien
Phone: 919.799.2150
Surface Buff
Phone: 919.341.2873

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